Offer your customers game-changing opportunity of table ordering and bring your restaurant's brand to a new level. By introducing this feature you will not only make taking orders faster and easier, but you will also improve the efficiency of your staff.

What table ordering is and how does it work?

Table ordering is a very convenient feature which gives your customers an opportunity to order and pay directly from their table by scanning a QR code.

  1. Your customer can scan the code at their table (using a camera or a scanner on their smartphone).

  2. Customer places an order online on their mobile device via your restaurant's website or mobile app.

  3. Your restaurant receives an order with the table number in "Orders & bookings".

Enabling table ordering

  1. Go to "Restaurant""Order types".

  2. Enable "Table ordering" and press "Save".

  3. Click on "Generate your QR codes for dine-in orders".

  4. Select a restaurant, enter table numbers and generate QR codes.

  5. Place the generated QR codes on the tables in your restaurant, e.g. on stickers, menus or leaflets and let your customers scan them to place orders.

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