In UpMenu you can create additional sections in the menu. They allow you to simplify the creation of product promotions for customers. You can also use them to create additions to products in the menu.

Creating an additional section for products

Let’s suppose we want to create an additional section “Veggie burgers” that will be used to create promotions or as a source of modifiers. Additional sections are not visible in the menu in the panel and on the customer page.

  1. Go to “Menu”.

  2. Click on the “+” button in the sections list next to “Additional sections”.

  3. Enter the section name “Veggie burgers” and select “Save”.

  4. Click on “Edit details” (a pencil icon) next to the menu item you wish to add to the category.

  5. Expand “Advanced Settings”.

  6. Select the newly created category “Veggie burgers” in the “Additional sections” field.

  7. Press “Save”.

  8. Repeat for all burgers you wish to add to the additional section.

  9. You can use the additional section to efficiently set promotions for selected products or create modifiers to products from now on.

Use of an additional category in the promotion

Check how to add products to the promotion using the previously created additional category. Let's assume that you want to introduce the promotion "Match a salad 50% cheaper to the ordered veggie burger". Create a new category using the "Add additional categories" button, according to the instructions from the "Creating an additional section for products" video.

  1. Go to the "Marketing" → "Discounts" tab.

  2. Create a "New Discount".

  3. Fill out the form - enter, among others the name of the discount, e.g. "Salads -50%" and description.

  4. Save the changes made.

  5. Expand the options and select "New Condition".

  6. Add the "Category" condition, enter the quantity "1", then select the "Vege Burgers" category and "Save" form.

  7. Expand the options and select "New Discount".

  8. Select the "Discount for products from category" discount type, enter the quantity "1", select the "by percent" discount type and enter "50", and then select the "Salads" section.

  9. "Save" the changes made.

  10. Go to the "Marketing" → "Promotions and events" tab.

  11. Press "New Promotion / Event".

  12. Fill in the form by entering the name, eg "Salads -50%", details of the promotion and indicating the previously introduced discount.

  13. "Save" the changes made.

  14. The promotion is active. When placing an order for a vegetarian burger, your customers can choose a salad -50% cheaper.

Use of an additional section as a source of modifiers to menu items

Let’s suppose you want to suggest your customers adding veggie burgers to the cart when they order one of the vegetarian salads. With UpMenu you can do it without any problems!

Before following the instruction, create a new additional section according to the instructions from the movie “Creating an additional section for products”.

Check how to add products to the promotion using the previously created additional section.

  1. Go to “Menu”.

  2. Expand the options of the first salad and select “Add modifier”.

  3. Complete the form by entering the name eg. “Want more? Order one of our delicious veggie burgers!” and then select the source of modifier “Veggie burgers”.

  4. Expand “Advanced settings”.

  5. Assign other salads from the menu in the “Add to more menu items” section.

  6. Save changes.

  7. At the moment of adding one of the salads to the cart, the customer will see a pop-up window with the option of choosing a veggie burger.

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