PAPU.IO is a complementary set of services, supporting not only delivery orders but also on-site orders. PAPU.IO enables restaurateurs to streamline the process of food delivery to the customer. It helps restaurants grow their business, increase turnover, and fulfill orders efficiently.

Configuration of integration with PAPU.IO

Enable integration with PAPU.IO in the UpMenu administration panel.

  1. Go to "Appstore".

  2. Select "PAPU.IO".

  3. Select from the list the user who has access to orders in the restaurant where you want to do the integration and click "Generate key".

  4. The status is now enabled. Click "Close".

  5. You can now see that PAPU.IO is active.

  6. Contact your PAPU.IO provider or email and provide the generated Api key in the UpMenu platform. The rest of the integration will be handled by PAPU.IO staff.

Online ordering in the PAPU.IO

After the customer has placed an order on the website, a new order message will appear in the PAPU.IO system. The "Unaccepted" icon will blink red. A number indicating the number of new orders will also appear next to it.

  1. Orders placed by customers through the website are visible in your UpMenu and PAPU.IO administration panel. To receive the order go to the PAPU.IO panel.

  2. Click on "Unaccepted" and then click on the new order that will appear on the right side of the screen.

  3. You will see the details of the order, the customer's details, the delivery address and the delivery source from which the order was made.

  4. You can: a) accept, in which case specify the delivery time or confirm the time selected by the customer if they have chosen this option and click "OK". b) reject, select "Decline" and then "OK". When it is necessary to reject an order, the customer will receive information on the page that the order cannot be processed.

  5. Once the order is accepted, it goes to the "To Do" and "Delivery" tabs.

  6. Go to "Delivery", on the map you can see the designation of the delivery location, the position of the courier and the restaurant.

  7. Click on the "Man" icon and assign a courier from the list. Select a courier who is free (vehicle on the map will be marked green) and who will make the fastest delivery.

  8. After assigning a courier, the icon indicating his position will change from green to red. You will see the time left to complete the order.

  9. When the order is delivered to the customer, the "Car" icon on the map will turn green, indicating that the courier is already free. However, the order will disappear from the list.

  10. In the UpMenu panel under the "Orders" tab, the order was automatically accepted and processed.


If you would like to deactivate any integration in UpMenu that you have done before, you can do it at any moment. To disable integration go to the “Appstore”, choose the provider of the integration you want to deactivate and move the slider below “Status” to the left. In order to activate it again, move the slider to the right.

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