The UpMenu system allows you to generate a voucher that can be purchased by your customers as a gift. The voucher can be used in your restaurant to reduce the price of the order! Selling vouchers can definitively attract new customers to your restaurant!

Adding vouchers to the menu

Buying vouchers is incredibly simple. Your customers will find them directly on your menu!

  1. Go to “Menus”.

  2. Create a new section for your vouchers. Name the section “Vouchers”.

  3. Add a voucher as a new menu item in the created section. Name it, for example, 25$ and set the same price for the item. If you wish, you can add a picture.

  4. The changes are automatically saved.

    An article that explains the product management process in detail is available here.

Creating a discount for a voucher

The UpMenu system allows configuring the discount and its conditions in detail. You can customize the vouchers to fit your needs!

  1. Go to “Marketing” → „Discounts”.

  2. Press “Create a new discount or “New discount” and fill out the form to create a discount for the value of the voucher.

  3. Save changes.

  4. Expand the option of the created discount and choose “New reward”.

  5. Choose “Order discount” and “By amount”.

  6. In the section “Amount” type the voucher's amount. In our example, it is 25.

  7. Save changes.

  8. The discount is ready to use! You can change the discount or add others at any time.

    An article that explains the creating discounts process in detail is available here.

Generating vouchers

You can generate your vouchers with just a few clicks and you can customize them to your needs!

  1. Go to “Marketing” → “Coupons”.

  2. To keep the section well organized, we recommend you to create a new group named “Vouchers”. Click the “New group” button in the “Coupon groups section”.

  3. Click on the “New coupon” button:
    — Add the coupon to the previously created group.
    — You can generate only one coupon or use the “More coupons (random)” option to generate more coupons for the future.
    — Set “How many times a given coupon can be used” as 1”.
    — Chose the discount created in the previous step in the “Choose discounts assigned by this coupon” section.

  4. The generated voucher will appear in the “Vouchers” group. In the column “Code”, you will find the voucher code that you have to send to the customer. In the column “Used / all”, you will find the information on whether or not the coupon has been used by the customer.

  5. If a customer places an order for a voucher on your restaurant's website, send them the voucher code. The customer can use the voucher at the moment of placing an order after clicking on “I have a coupon” in the cart.

    An article that explains the creating discount coupons process in detail is available here.


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