Having the permissions of the account administrator, you can set additional fields in the order form. Thanks to this, you can collect more information from customers that will facilitate the execution of the order, e.g. whether the customer wants disposable cutlery, more chopsticks or additional data that you need.

  1. Go to "Settings" → "Order Settings" → "Order form" tab.

  2. Go to the "Custom Fields" section.

  3. In the field settings, turn on "active".

  4. Enter the name of the field that will be displayed on the website, eg. Do you want disposable cutlery? → and then specify the type of customer input from two options:
    a. Text - if you want customers to be able to enter additional information themselves, e.g. quantity;
    b. Selection list → if you want customers to make a specific choice. Customize the field by typing suggestions for answers, separated by "|" eg. "NO | YES".

  5. Optionally, you can make the field mandatory by checking the "Required" option.

  6. Selected fields may appear regardless of the form of receipt of the order or only with a specific method of delivery. After expanding the "More" function, you can select the Type of delivery.

  7. The additional field will be visible in the form according to the settings entered, and you will also see this information in the order summary.


You have the option of entering 3 additional fields in the system.

Remember, however, that additional fields in the form extend the ordering process. To avoid discouraging customers from placing orders, we recommend using additional fields for really necessary issues.

Moreover, when using the selection list, the first of the options entered by you will appear as default in the custom field of the order form.

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