Data collected from users such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers are catalogued in databases and used to send specific information such as newsletters or commercial offers to your clients. Thanks to the database of restaurant subscribers you are able to adjust marketing campaigns and promotions to the individual needs of your customers.


There are two types of subscriptions:

  • receiving marketing messages via e-mail, to the email address you have provided

  • receiving marketing messages via sms, to the phone number you have provided

The subscription mechanism also includes the ability for the user to unsubscribe from the mailing/ sms list at any time.

Subscribers database

See how to check your restaurant's subscribers database in the UpMenu panel.

  1. Go to „Reports” → „Subscribers”.

  2. You will see a database of all your customers, who have agreed to subscribe, in a table format that includes:

    • date of subscription

    • database source

    • customer's personal information

    • e-mail/sms approval

    • restaurants to which the customer has subscribed

    • possibility to subscribe/unsubscribe from e-mail and sms

Downloading the subscriber database

In UpMenu, you can download and save a database of all your customers who have agreed to subscribe. You will find your customers' contact information, and information about the type of subscription.

  1. Go to „Reports” → „Subscribers”.

  2. Expand options and click "Download".

  3. The subscriber database will be saved in the program that you choose.

Preparing the subscribers database for import

UpMenu allows you to upload an external customer database, to do this check how to prepare the correct file for import.

  1. Go to „Reports” → „Subscribers”.

  2. Expand options and choose "Sample import file". The file will save automatically.

  3. The imported file should be saved in the xls format. All columns need to be completed, otherwise the file will not be uploaded. It should contain 5 columns with:
    a) clients e-mail address
    b) phone number
    c) name and surname
    d) Restaurant ID (if you have more than one, separate them with a comma) - to find it go to "Restaurant" → "Address and contact" select the restaurant whose ID you want to find. In the link, the last string after # is the ID of the restaurant. You can also find it in "Reports" → "Orders history" → "Orders in Restaurant chain" → in the table, the last field is the ID of the restaurant.

Uploading an external customer database

Import your own external subscriber database into the UpMenu panel.

  1. Go to „Reports” → „Subscribers”.

  2. Expand options and choose "Import database".

  3. Select and upload your customer database file.

  4. The database has been added to your subscriber database.

Unsubscribing customers from newsletters

In UpMenu, you have the ability to inform customers about any promotions and events at your restaurant through newsletters or text notifications. Sometimes, however, customers want to opt out of receiving text messages, ask to be unsubscribed from the mailing list or change the way they are informed. They can do this themselves if they are registered, or through the restaurant. Learn how to unsubscribe from a newsletter in UpMenu.

  1. Go to „Reports” → „Subscribers”.

  2. In the subscribers table, search for the person you want to unsubscribe (you can use the search engine) → select „Action EMAIL” or/and „Action SMS” to make changes.

  3. Changes will be saved automatically and confirmation will be shown in the report in the field „EMAIL approval” or/and „SMS approval”.

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