Your customers can create an account on your restaurant website. Thanks to that, after logging in, they will not have to fill in personal or shipping data when placing an order. They will be automatically credited with points for the order in your loyalty program or granted discounts or rebates.

Setting the customer account display in the navigation

If you have a website created with UpMenu and a website theme selected, then you can set the customer account display in the navigation. This will provide a quick and easy way for your customers to register/log in to their account on your restaurant website.

  1. Go to "Shop settings" → "Visual editor".

  2. Choose "Website navigation" and in "Show customer account" field klick "Yes".

  3. Click "Save changes".

  4. From now on, customers will be able to create an account or log into their account by going to the "Account" tab on your restaurant website.

Creating a Restaurant Consumer Account

See how easily, your customers can create an account on your restaurant website.

  1. Go to the restaurant's website.

  2. Click “Account” → “Register”, in the navigation panel or at the shopping cart.

  3. Fill out the form or register via Facebook, Google or Apple.

  4. Accept your consent to receive commercial information, so you will not miss promotions and events of the restaurant.

  5. Click “Finish Registration".

  6. An account activation link will come to your email address, once clicked the registration process is complete.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter by a customer

A registered customer can at any time change the way of receiving commercial information, e.g. from communication via e-mail to commercial communication by sms, or completely unsubscribe from the newsletter.

  1. Go to the restaurant's website.

  2. Log in to your account or click "Your Account" if you are already logged in.

  3. Go to the "Account" tab.

  4. Uncheck the consent you have given to subscribe to the newsletter or select only the form of contact you are interested in.

  5. "Save" changes.

Linking customer accounts

If a customer of a restaurant who has an established account places an order from the same email address as an unregistered one, two consumer accounts will be created in UpMenu - registered and unregistered. See how you can easily combine an unregistered account with a registered one, thanks to which the customer will be credited with points for placing an order in the loyalty program.

  1. Go to “Reports” → “Customers”.

  2. Select a customer from the list or use the search engine and click "Details".

  3. Detailed information about the client will be displayed.

  4. The message "There is a customer registered with this email" will appear. You can click:

    • “View” - you will be transferred to a customer account that is registered with the same email address.

    • ”Transfer orders and points” - confirm your decision and click "Ok".

  5. From now on, accounts are linked.

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