You can embed online orders into any element on your site (button, tab in the navigation) through the custom link option and this will open a full-screen modal or a new tab with your menu when you click on the element.

  1. Go to "Website" "Installation".

  2. Click "Start installation".

  3. Choose installation type "Embed on website". Click "Next".

  4. Choose "Other" as the provider of your website. Click "Next".

  5. Copy the menu code and give it to your developer or paste it yourself on your site.

  6. Expand "Advanced settings" and select "Custom link" installation type.

  7. Copy the CSS class name to the clipboard and give it to your developer, or add it yourself to the button or link on your page where the restaurant menu will be located.

  8. Click "Done".

  9. After posting the codes on your site, verify the installation.

  10. Return to the UpMenu panel, you will see a information about the successful installation. Customers going to your site will be able to order online.

Check how the installation of the online ordering system influenced the success of our customers.

See how to install UpMenu on a specific supplier's website

a) WordPress

b) Squarespace

c) Joomla

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