With Open Graph markup, content from your site can display attractively on social media. Displaying a thumbnail image when you upload a restaurant link on messengers and in posts will add authenticity to your website. A brand looks more professional and attractive when it has a well-composed Open Graph image. If you're using UpMenu's website, configure your restaurant's thumbnail photo in a few easy steps!

Open Graph Image setup for social sharing

Add a custom photo that will display as a cover photo when sharing the restaurant's website link on social media or messaging.

  1. Go to "Website" → "Theme" → "Code Editor".

  2. In the "Assets" section, delete the UpMenu cover.jpg file, then add your own. Your file should be saved as cover.jpg. The recommended size is a minimum of 200x200px.

  3. "Save" the changes you have made.

  4. From now on, the cover photo of the restaurant will be visible when sending a link to its website.


Remember about SEO configuration. Change the content displayed next to the cover photo, go to "Website" → "Theme", expand options, select "Navigation". Edit the "Home" template then change the title and description. Save changes.

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