UpMenu offers you the use of our subdomain, so you can start selling online as soon as you start using our services.

The default website’s address uses your UpMenu’s account name. For example, if your account’s name were Ninja Grill, the website address would be “ninjagrill.upmenusite.com”. If you wish, you can change your restaurant’s website address in the blink of an eye.

  1. Go to “Shop settings” → “Domain”.

  2. Introduce the new address in the field in the second section and click “Save”.

  3. Share your website on your social media or with your clients, friends and family!


UpMenu allows you to choose from many themes and even customize them for your needs! Find out more:

Selecting the website theme.

Buy a theme from UpMenu Theme Store.

Get started with CMS to customize your website.

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