The UpMenu system allows you to generate a QR code, which after scanning will redirect the customer to your restaurant's website. You can place the generated code anywhere; For example, on flyers advertising your restaurant. This is a great tool that will allow your clients to quickly and easily open your restaurant's website without manually typing the address of your website in the browser!

  1. Go to Restaurant” → Locations”.

  2. Expand the options of the restaurant.

  3. Click on the “QR Code Menu” button.

  4. Download the generated QR code in the .png or .svg format by clicking one of the buttons.

  5. Place the code anywhere you like so your customers can open the restaurant's menu on their smartphones in no time!


The UpMenu system also allows you to generate QR codes so customers who are in the restaurant can place orders without having to wait for a waiter. Read more here.

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