You can easily install UpMenu system on your restaurant WordPress website using the UpMenu plugin.
In order to install the UpMenu system in WordPress, you need to have administrator rights on an account created in WordPress.

Installation and configuration of the UpMenu plugin on WordPress

  1. Download the plugin files in ZIP format or go to WordPress plugins and search for the UpMenu plugin. After you find the UpMenu plugin, download it.

2. In the admin panel in WordPress, go to "Plugins" → "Add new" → "Upload plugin".

3. Enter the UpMenu administration panel. Go to "Store Settings" →
"Embedding on Page". Copy the UpMenu account ID.

4. Go back to the WordPress dashboard. After installing and activating the plugin, the "UpMenu" tab will appear in the main left menu. Go to the tab and paste the UpMenu account ID.

5. Save your changes.

6. Go to edit the WordPress page where you want to display the menu and paste the shortcode "[upmenu]" there. "Save" or "Publish" the page.

7. From now on, your menu will be displayed on your WordPress site.

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