The Partners Program allows both UpMenu clients and independent companies or individuals running business to earn additional earnings by recommending new subscriptions.

Most UpMenu partners fall into the following broad categories:

  1. Marketing Agencies - Marketing agencies typically build websites for their clients and can use UpMenu to radically enhance the website usability by adding the e-commerce functionality.

  2. Freelancers - Similarly to marketing agencies, freelancers build websites where UpMenu’s e-commerce solution fills the functionality gap.

  3. Influencers - People who have communities around them (e.g. on a blog, in social media, YouTube, etc.) can recommend UpMenu using an affiliate link (partner link).

  4. Restaurants or shops - If you are running your own restaurant or local shop and want to promote UpMenu, the partners program will be an additional revenue stream for you.

  5. Restaurant or shop employees - Not an owner (yet?) – No problem! Leverage your industry contacts and convert them into recurring revenue.

  6. Technology or service companies - If you run a technology or service company like POS systems or deliveries – UpMenu partners program will add to your existing revenue.

Affiliate vs Reseller partnership

There are two types of partnership programs at UpMenu. Learn the differences between them and choose the type that suits you best.



Partnership model

You refer your audience to UpMenu

You purchase subscriptions from UpMenu and resell them to your customers

Who pays for UpMenu subscription

Referred restaurant


Pricing for restaurants

Standard pricing (

Resellers pricing (


16,5% - 20% recurring commission on every purchased subscription

You earn difference between your reseller pricing and UpMenu pricing (as a reseller you get a discount


Monthly commission paid to your bank account

Not applicable. You purchase discounted subscriptions from UpMenu and your customers pay to you directly

Payouts timing

Monthly after submitting your invoice

Depending on pricing model you have for your customers


You refer your audience to UpMenu with affiliate link (link is valid for 60 days)

You build your own marketing strategy and website

White labeling

Restaurateur sees UpMenu brand

Depends on your choice

Who provides voice & chat customer support to restaurants


Depends on white labeling option
(if you opt for white label you provide customer support on your own)

Who provides text & video help center


Depends on white labeling option
(if you opt for white label you need to build your own help center)

Learn how to register and configure your partner account as an affiliate partner or as a reseller.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Partners Program for an affiliate partner and for a reseller.

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