Affiliate vs Reseller partnership

There are two types of partnership programs at UpMenu. Learn the differences between them and choose the typ that suits you best.



Partnership model

You refer your audience to UpMenu

You purchase subscriptions from UpMenu and resell them to your customers

Who pays for UpMenu subscription

Referred restaurant


Pricing for restaurants

Standard pricing (

Resellers own pricing


16,5% - 20% recurring commission on every purchased subscription

You earn difference between your reseller pricing and UpMenu pricing (as a reseller you get individually negotiated reseller discount)


Monthly commission paid to your bank about

Not applicable. You purchase discounted subscriptions from UpMenu and your customers pay to you directly

Payouts timing

Monthly after submitting your invoice

Depending on pricing model you have for your customers


You refer your audience to UpMenu with affiliate link (link is valid for 60 days)

You build your own marketing strategy and website

White labeling

Restaurateur sees UpMenu brand

Depends on your choice

Who provides voice & chat customer support to restaurants


Depends on white labeling option
(if you opt for white label you provide customer support on your own)

Who provides text & video help center


Depends on white labeling option
(if you opt for white label you need to build your own help center)

How to start the partnership

  1. Register your partner account and log on to it.
  2. Choose type of partnership (Affiliate or Reseller)
  3. If reseller - setup online ordering for your customer.
    - Create the restaurant account from your partner’s program admin panel.
    - Configure the online ordering for your customer.
    Read more how to configure online ordering.
    - Give access to restaurant to your customer.
    Read more how to do it.
  1. When the customer decides to purchase the UpMenu subscription service you will start receiving up to 20% of the monthly subscription fee.
  2. Optionally, if you run a blog, have a popular web page or you’re a social media influencer you may build your customer base by promoting the affiliate link we create especially for you. Post the affiliate link on your blog, web page, or social media channel. Every customer who clicks it during the 60-day period and purchases UpMenu’s subscription plan is added to your partner’s program account.

Who is it for?

UpMenu partners program is for anyone working at or with restaurants or local delivery businesses. Most UpMenu partners fall into the following broad categories:

  1. Marketing Agencies - Marketing agencies typically build websites for their clients and can use UpMenu to radically enhance the website usability by adding the e-commerce functionality
  2. Freelancers - Similarly to marketing agencies, freelancers build websites where UpMenu’s e-commerce solution fills the functionality gap
  3. Restaurants or shops - If you are running your own restaurant or local shop and want to promote UpMenu the partners program will be an additional revenue stream for you
  4. Restaurant or shop employees - Not an owner (yet?) No problem – leverage your industry contacts and convert them into recurring revenue.
  5. Technology or service companies - If you run a technology or service company like POS systems or deliveries – UpMenu partners program will add to your existing revenue.


How much can I actually make?

There are 2 modes for cooperation: affiliate partner and re-seller.
For affiliate partners:

  • 16,5% for every of 1 to 9 restaurants or shops
  • 20% for restaurants or shops when you have acquired 10 and more paying customers (the increased commission is counted also for customers 1 through 9)

Some examples:

  • 9 customers x $49 x 16,5% = $73
  • 10 customers x $49 x 20% = $98
  • 60 customers x $89 x 20% = $1068

As an affiliate partner, will I get a commission on every restaurant or shop from a chain?

Yes, every restaurant or shop counts as long as they subscribe.

Who configures UpMenu settings?

That depends on you. The most typical scenarios are:

  • If you represent an agency or you are a freelancer yourself and you build websites for your customers you will most likely want to configure the settings yourself and simply provide your customer with login credentials.
  • If you are a blogger or influencer you will most likely leave the configuration up to the restaurant or shop owner while you will focus on promoting your affiliate link
  • If you work at a restaurant or shop, are a restaurant or shop owner or you provide POS or delivery solutions – you are most likely to focus on promoting the UpMenu while leaving the configuration to the restaurant or shop owner.

Who makes the formal service agreement with the customer?

In the affiliate partner agreement UpMenu does that. This happens the moment a customer accepts the terms and conditions while making the purchase.

In the reseller program you are in charge of this process and do it on your own behalf.

Do I need to have a registered business to become a partner?

No, however, you are responsible for all applicable taxes for any revenue generated.

When is the commission paid out?

For affiliate partners, the commission is paid out monthly on the 15th of each month for all the subscriptions active in the preceding month.

How is the payout actually made for affiliate partners?

  1. On the 15th of each month, you will see monthly statement details on your partner's program panel
  2. Invoice the amount specified in the ledger.
    Please set the following company data as the recipient of this invoice:

    Tastysoft Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Sienkiewicza 85/87 p. XI lok.8
    90-057 Lodz
    TAX ID: PL7252058310
  3. Upload this invoice in partners program panel
  4. UpMenu will proceed with your payment after accepting your uploaded invoice within a maximum of 4 weeks.
    In case your invoice is rejected (due to eg. incorrect company data or amount) you will see update status in the partners program panel.

Example of monthly settlement:

Is there a minimum disburse amount?

No, there is none.

How long the partner link is valid?

Partner link (affiliate link) is valid for 60 days.

Can my customers have a white label online ordering?

Yes, a white label for end users is a standard option in the Premium subscription.

Can I become a white-label re-seller?

Yes! There are 2 ways for this: you may either want to run your own branded marketplace using UpMenu tested technology or you may want to offer your white label online ordering solutions to your customers in your market. Depending on your expected volume you will get preferred rates.

In order to become a white label re-seller follow these steps:
1. Create your partners account.
2. Contact UpMenu customer support and notify us about your intention to become a white label reseller.
3. After a brief verification we will inform you about if you are eligible for the preferred pricing and will enable white label account layout.
4. You can now start selling to your customers(see: CREATING CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS below)

Both the online menus and the admin panel will not bear the UpMenu logo but can bear your logo (or none if you wish).

You will then also run your own customer support and will manage your own pricing and billing towards your customers. UpMenu will provide the technology and the second line of tech support to you.

You need to create accounts in the system on behalf of your customers and then give them access to log on. After creating the account you will have 7 days to set the account up. After that, you need to select the UpMenu plan. Your customer will not see the plans nor the billing data(see BILLING YOUR CUSTOMERS below)

As you will be running your own billing towards your customers you need to disable the visibility of the standard UpMenu billing for them. You can do it here:

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