As an account administrator, complete the basic information about the restaurant, such as the address, phone number, email address. Thanks to this, customers will have easier contact with the restaurant, e.g. to quickly notify you about changes in the order. The entered data will also be used during outgoing communication from the restaurant.

  1. Go to the “Restaurant” → “Address and contact”.

  2. Fill out the appropriate fields with restaurant detail
    - Enter the name of the restaurant
    - Enter the address – city, street, and number, zip code – in the system you will see the location of the restaurant on the map. In the case of restaurant chains, after selecting a specific location, a pin will appear on the map.
    - Phone numbers and email addresses – you can enter several contact numbers by expanding the fields.

  3. Turn restaurant visibility on (you can leave it turned off while setting up the restaurant) and save changes.

  4. Customers will see the location, address, and contact details after choosing more options when ordering.

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