Relay Delivery offers a delivery service for restaurants while using third-party companies and, therefore, reduces your commissions.

Configuration of integration with Relay

Enable integration with Relay in the UpMenu administration panel.

  1. Contact your Relay provider or fill up the Relay’s contact form in order to create an account and obtain the API key and the Producer location key.

  2. Go to “Appstore”.

  3. Select “Relay Delivery”.

  4. Introduce the API key and the Producer location key next to the restaurant you want to integrate with the Relay system.

  5. Activate the integration by moving the slider. Click “Close”.

  6. You can now see that Relay is active.


The Relay Delivery system does not support card payments. The only accepted methods are online and cash payments.

Online orders handling in the Relay panel

After the customer has placed an order on the website and its acceptance, the order will appear in the Relay panel.

  1. Orders placed by customers through the website are visible in “Orders”. To receive the order in the Relay panel, accept the order in the UpMenu administration panel.

  2. After logging in to the Relay panel, you will see the “Workflow” tab. You will find the accepted order in the “Preparing” column.

  3. Click on the order.

  4. You will see the customer's details, the delivery address and the amount to be paid.

  5. Click on the “Marked ready” button to mark your order as ready to be delivered.

  6. Once the order is accepted, it goes to the “Ready” column. Now just wait for the courier to pick up the food and deliver it to the client.


If you would like to deactivate any integration in UpMenu that you have done before, you can do it at any moment. To disable integration go to the “Appstore”, choose the provider of the integration you want to deactivate and move the slider below “Status” to the left. In order to activate it again, move the slider to the right.

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