Persuade potential customers to place orders on your restaurant's website by displaying reviews from satisfied customers. New customers, having the opportunity to check reviews about the restaurant and food will confirm that it is worth placing an order. Displaying reviews has a real impact on increasing the number of orders and the success of your restaurant.

Responding to customer reviews

In UpMenu you will find a section with customer reviews. You can easily manage them if you want, you can write a reply to the selected opinion or hide it and check the order details.

  1. Go to "Reviews".

  2. Set time frame from date to date and restaurant if you have more than one, press "Search".

  3. Chose opinion you would like to answer, expand the option and chose "Write answer".

  4. Write and send answer.

  5. Your client will receive your reply via e-mail.

Displaying customer reviews on your website

UpMenu allows you to share customer reviews on your restaurant website. Easily enable this option in your panel and attract even more customers with positive reviews.

  1. Go to the "Settings" - "Order settings" - "Placing orders"

  2. Turn on "Post Feedback".

  3. "Save" settings.

  4. Click "More" on the restaurant's website, in the user reviews section, select "Show ratings", the reviews will be displayed anonymously.


The total average number of ratings is calculated according to the following scheme: (food rating / number of ratings) + (delivery rating / number of ratings) + (price rating / number of ratings) / 3 (which is the number of rated items).

For example; if two customers rated the food at 4.5, the delivery at 5.0, the price at 4.5 then the average is calculated as follows:

(9:2)+(10:2)+(9:2)=14; we divide the result by 3 i.e. by the number of rated items 14:3 = 4.6 which is our total average score.

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