Let's assume that you want to introduce a promotion in which you set a discount on orders with delivery. The UpMenu system allows you to do this. You can offer them a discount on delivery orders, rapidly increase the demand, and attract new customers outside of the neighborhood!

  1. Go to “Marketing” → “Discounts”.

  2. Press the “Create a new discount” or “New discount” button.

  3. Introduce the name and the description of the discount. For example, “Discount on delivery orders!”.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Expand the option of the created discount and choose “New Condition”.

  6. Add the condition “Delivery” and save the form.

  7. Expand the option of the created discount and choose “New reward”.

  8. Choose a reward you want to offer. Choose “Order discount” and “By amount” as discount types and set the value as, for example, 10.

  9. Go to “Marketing” → “Promotions and events”.

  10. Click on the “New promotion” button.

  11. Fill out the form by introducing the name and the description of the promotion.

  12. Choose the restaurants where the promotion will be available in the “Restaurants where promotion exists” section.

  13. Select the previously created discount in the “Choose discounts” section.

  14. Save your changes.

  15. The discount will be automatically enabled. When a customer places a delivery order, they will be rewarded with the discount according to the option you set.


No promotion may require or depend on marketing consents being provided. Accepting the consents is voluntary and cannot be forced by law.

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