Promotions help create an effective marketing strategy and increase sales in a short period of time. As a restaurant owner or manager, you can create any promotions for your customers, but before you do it, think about what goal you want to achieve with them.

In addition, the UpMenu system allows you to activate a discount only on your website or on your mobile app. This option allows you to encourage more customers to visit your website or download your mobile app.

Creating effective promotions

1. Create a discount

The discount is the most important element of the promotion, configure it, among others by specifying the duration, the methods of charging, indicating in which restaurants it will apply (if you run several points of sale). Make it clear and easy to understand.
You can use the created discount for promotion or a constant discount for customers, but not only. Discounts are an indispensable element of discount coupons, which you can include in a newsletter or social media, and can also be used for loyalty programs.


When you are creating a new discount, you can indicate the categories that form a part of the promotion. Just select all the categories at the moment of adding a new condition to the discount.

2. Add a reward

This is a mandatory element without which the discount will not work. The UpMenu system allows you to precisely define which part of the order is to be discounted - see what will encourage your customers more - a discount on specific products or the entire order. Moreover, you can also lower the cost of delivery or extras. The choice is yours!

3. Optionally add conditions

The introduction of additional conditions to be met will allow you to create various promotions, encouraging customers to larger orders and increasing the turnover of your restaurant. They can be about the menu item, customer, value or how the order is fulfilled.

4. Create a promotion

Take care of the interesting appearance of your promotion through a clear message and attractive graphics to focus the attention of customers. By setting the validity period of the promotion, you will encourage customers to make a faster decision about the order and at the same time you will direct their attention to the times of the day or week when traffic in the premises is lower, e.g. through Happy Hours.
The created promotion will be settled automatically when placing the order. Depending on the defined conditions, the customer will see the lower amount immediately in the shopping cart or after entering his data. Your products or customer data will be used as a discount activator included in the promotion.

5. Setting the priority of discounts

If you offer multiple discounts in your restaurant, UpMenu allows you to manage them efficiently and without any problems. You can set the priority of discounts with just one mouse move.

  1. Go to ”Marketing” → ”Discounts”.

  2. To move a discount forward or backward in the priority order just drag it. To have the discount taken into account first, simply move it up.

  3. The changes will be saved automatically.

  4. If a customer meets the conditions of several discounts at the same time, the discounts will be taken into account according to the established priority order.

Here are some examples of the most popular promotions settings:


Created promotions will be displayed on your website first as a separate category. You can enable additional promotion settings:

  • Hidden – the promotion will be active, but it won’t be displayed on the restaurant’s website or in the mobile app

  • Disabled – the promotion will not be active

  • Available on specific days and hours – if you want the promotion to be active on specific days and/or at specific times.

In addition, when you are creating a promotion in which the customer receives something for free, it should be clearly emphasized that such a product must be thrown into the basket because freebies don't count automatically.

What's more, you can also create promotions without any discounts, using them on your restaurant's website as messages to customers. This way, you will encourage you to take advantage of additional offers, e.g. freebies available only in the premises.


No promotion may require or depend on marketing consents being provided. Accepting the consents is voluntary and cannot be forced by law.

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