Send sms campaigns from the UpMenu online ordering system to increase the number and value of orders.

Creating SMS campaigns

  1. Go to the “Marketing” → “SMS campaigns” → “New campaign”.
  2. Fill out the form to create an SMS campaign:
    - Enter the name of the sender – this information will be displayed to the recipient instead of the sender’s number, e.g. name of the restaurant
    - Enter the content of the SMS – it cannot be longer than 160 characters
    - Set SMS delivery date – current or plan to deliver in the future
    - Choose the clients - you want to send the message to and (in case you have multiple outlets) indicate the restaurant where you will be charged the cost of the campaign.
  1. If you want to check if the message looks correct – press “Send test SMS” in the upper right corner of the form and enter the number to which it should be sent.
  2. Save information by choosing:
    - “Save as a draft” if you want to edit later
    - “Save and send” to run the campaign.


The SMS campaign is sent to those customers who granted their consent to receive restaurant marketing communication via text messages.
The cost of sending one text message is $ 0.08 and will be added to your next invoice.

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