Use UpMenu tools to send SMS campaigns to support your marketing activities and, as a result, build customer loyalty and increase the quantity and value of orders.

  1. Go to "Marketing" → "Campaigns" → "New campaign".

  2. Choose the "SMS" campaign type.

  3. Fill in the form for creating an SMS campaign:
    - Enter the text of the message - remember that the message cannot be longer than 160 characters
    - Set the date of dispatch - the current one or plan the shipment for the future
    - Select customers - whom you want to send messages (in case you have multiple restaurants), then select the restaurant to which you want to assign the campaign cost.

  4. Optionally, you can check if the message looks correct - to do this, press "Send test SMS" in the upper right corner of the form and enter the number to which it should be sent.

  5. Save the campaign by selecting:
    - "Save as a draft" if you want to edit it later
    - "Save and send" to run the campaign.

  6. A summary of the campaign's introduction will appear in your panel, marked in blue, and after the shipment is completed, the status will change to green.


You can check the history of sent campaigns in the "Reports" → "Messages" tab.

The SMS campaign is sent to those customers who have consented to marketing communication with the restaurant via text messages.

The campaign is shipped as soon as possible, but depending on the quantity, individual messages may reach recipients at different times, most often within a few minutes of sending.

The cost of sending one text message is $ 0.08 and will be added to the next invoice.

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