UpMenu allows you to create campaigns, thanks to which you can easily and quickly reach the largest number of customers in your restaurant. Campaigns will allow you to inform about upcoming promotions or events and will encourage you to place orders or visit restaurants. Thanks to campaigns, you are able to increase the number of orders placed and their value. Use campaigns to maintain good communication with your customers. You can communicate through:

SMS campaigns

Text messages make it possible to improve the flow of information between the restaurant and the customer. SMS campaign is an effective and fast carrier of sales and promotional messages.

E-MAIL campaigns

This form of campaign influences the improvement of communication with customers. Emails naturally increase the customer's contact with the restaurant and do not let it be forgotten. Enriched with interesting, catchy content and photos, they build a bond and encourage to recommend the restaurant to others.

PUSH campaigns

With these short messages, you are able to increase sales, keep people updated on promotions, and encourage them to order from your restaurant's app.

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