To send a push campaign in the UpMenu you must have a mobile application. If you do not have an application, order it in the panel (if you do not have an account, create it here).

Creating push campaigns

  1. Go to "Marketing" → "Campaigns".

  2. Click New campaign and select the "Push" type of campaign.

  3. Fill out the form to create a push campaign.

  4. Press "Send test message" to see how it will look like for your customers.

  5. Paste the token of your application. You can learn where to find your token in the instruction below.

  6. Choose "Send test push message". The test message will be sent only to your app.

  7. When your campaign is ready choose Save and send. The campaign will be sent on the selected date.


The $0.04 cost listed is for one PUSH message, not for an entire campaign consisting of the same message to multiple customers. If you have 600 recipients for a PUSH campaign, its cost is $0.04 x 600, which comes to $24.

Testing push messages

To send a test push campaign you have to use your mobile application to get a token.

  1. Open your restaurant’s app and go to “Settings”.

  2. Press on a version of the application on the bottom of your screen and hold it for longer than 5 seconds. Your token will be copied to clipboard.

  3. Save the copied token. You will need it to send a test push message in UpMenu system.

The cost of sending one text message is $ 0.04 and will be added to the next invoice.

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