POSbistro integration

POSbistro is one of the most modern tablet POS systems for catering. It helps restaurateurs to reliably manage their business, control it, increase sales and constantly develop. Thanks to the integration, all orders flow directly into the POSbistro sales system, which gives more control over the entire sales process.

Configuration of integration with POSbistro

Enable POSbistro integration in the UpMenu administration panel.

  1. Go to "Appstore".

  2. Select "POSbistro".

  3. Select from the list the user who has access to orders in the restaurant where you want to do the integration and click "Generate Key".

  4. Click "Close". The integration with POSbistro is now active.

  5. Go to the POSbistro administration panel.

  6. Select "Settings" → "Integrations" → "UpMenu".

  7. Check "Turn on", and then paste the API Key.

  8. Select "Test connection". You will be informed of proper communication between systems by the message "Connection successful". If the message "Connection unsuccessful" appears, check if you have entered the correct API Key and if the integration status in UpMenu is active.

  9. Go to the "Menu" tab and click the button with the pencil icon.

  10. Check "Public" and "Save".

Generating and uploading a file with SKU codes

Generate the SKU code files and enter them into the menus in UpMenu, this will correctly map the items uploaded from the UpMenu system to POSbistro. If you don't already have a menu created in the UpMenu panel, enter it, making sure it is identical to the one in the POSbistro panel. A prerequisite is that the item add-ons and item variants in the POSbistro menu are assigned identically to the menu in UpMenu.

  1. In the POSbistro panel go to "Settings" → "Integrations".

  2. Select "UpMenu" → "XLSX", the Menu table will open along with the SKU codes.

  3. In the UpMenu panel go to "Menu" → "Options".

  4. Select "Manage POS codes".

  5. Blank fields for SKU codes will appear next to the products.

  6. Transcribe the SKU codes from the "XLSX" file (column B), remember that what is a menu item in POS must be a menu item in UpMenu, and what is an modifier in POS must be an modifier in UpMenu.

  7. You can now proceed to run the orders.

Enabling messages and orders in the POSbistro application

If you have followed the steps in the previous instructions "Configuration of integration with POSbistro" and "Generating and uploading a file with SKU codes", then you can start taking orders online in POSbistro. Enable order messages on the tablet on which the restaurant is receiving orders.

  1. Click on the grey sprocket and select "Settings".

  2. Go to "Online ordering and delivery" and check: - "Display online order message". - "Download online orders from UpMenu to this device" - "Repeat notification sound" - recommended - We also recommend modifying in your printer settings

  3. After entering the above messages you can start taking orders in POSbistro.

Online order processing in the POSbistro application

When the customer places an order on the website, the following messages will appear on the tablet: a yellow circular order icon, a sound, and a printout from the printer according to the selected settings.

  1. Click the online orders icon: a) you can accept, then click "Accept". b) you can reject the order, select "More" and then "Reject". When it is necessary to reject an order, the application will allow you to enter a reason, so that the customer will receive feedback on the online orders page.

  2. After selecting "Accept", select the delivery time of the order - it will be visible to the customer on the page. If the customer has selected an order for a specific time, it will appear in the window and must be approved by clicking the green "bird" icon.

  3. Once the lead time is selected, the order will automatically load on the main view of the sales tablet, along with all the necessary data.

  4. Go to "Executed orders" → "Online orders": - The order number will appear in the "Account Number" column. - "No bill" means that the order has not yet been accepted on the sales terminal or has been rejected.

  5. In the UpMenu system, under the "Orders" tab in the order details, "Date shipped to POS" will appear.


If you would like to deactivate any integration in UpMenu that you have done before, you can do it at any moment. To disable integration go to the “Appstore”, choose the provider of the integration you want to deactivate and move the slider below “Status” to the left. In order to activate it again, move the slider to the right.

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