UpMenu enables integration with FoodSoft gastronomy software. Thanks to this, you can even more effectively manage your restaurant through complete solutions for sales optimization, additional possibilities in the field of sales and stockroom analyzes. FoodSoft gastronomic programs offer you innovative and modern motivational, marketing, communication and analytical tools necessary for effective running of your gastronomic business.

Configuration of integration with FoodSoft

When preparing for the integration, you should purchase an additional service in FoodSoft - "Integrator", thanks to which communication between the systems will be possible.

  1. Go to the "Appstore" tab.

  2. Choose "Foodsoft".

  3. Select the user account responsible for managing the premises from the list and click "Generate key".

  4. Click "Close". Integration with FoodSoft is active.

  5. Go to the Boss panel in the FoodSoft system.

  6. Select "Tools""External orders""Settings""UPMENU" configure the settings and paste the Api key generated in UpMenu.

  7. Press "OK" and wait for the system verification, "OK" messages confirming connection with the service and updating the data server will inform you of correct communication between the systems.


The discussed integration applies to the FoodSoft 5.1 version - if you have an earlier version, we recommend contacting a FoodSoft representative to update.

Integration of the Foodsoft menu with UpMenu

The important element of integration is the configuration of POS codes in both systems. Configure your menu by entering POS codes that will be identical in FoodSoft and UpMenu. You can also download zones set in the UpMenu and configure delivery times.

  1. In the FoodSoft panel "Tools""External orders""UPMENU""Products" there is a menu with codes that should be rewritten to the menu in the UpMenu administration panel.

  2. In the UpMenu panel, go to "Menu" → expand additional options and select "Manage POS Codes".

  3. Empty fields for codes will appear next to each product - enter the POS codes set in the FoodSoft system for each item, taking into account different variants of the dishes. Thanks to this, you will link the menu in Boss FoodSoft with the menu in UpMenu.

  4. Changes are saved automatically.

  5. Additionally, you can download delivery zones entered in UpMenu and configure delivery times and set messages to be displayed after order confirmation. To do this, in the BOSS FoodSoft panel, go to the "Tools""External orders" tab.

Online ordering processing in the FoodSoft application

After the customer places an order, a flashing envelope will appear in the FoodSoft application with a sound signal, informing about the new order. What's more, they will also appear when the waiter is logged out of his account.

  1. Orders placed by customers via the website are visible in your UpMenu and FoodSoft administration panels. To collect your order, go to the panel at Foodsoft POS.

  2. The new order automatically appears in the queue, you can confirm it by clicking "Order" or the message (message in the upper left corner).

  3. Select one of the options for a pre-set time to manage the order, "Accept" or "Reject". On this basis, the customer will receive appropriate information, e.g. accepted, rejected or the time indicated by the waiter.

  4. Your panel will display a message that the order has been confirmed. In addition, after confirming the order, a voucher will be printed, which will show the order details along with the delivery time.

  5. If the customer has chosen the pickup option, you can close the account by clicking "Pay", the payment method will be automatically selected, based on the customer's choice.

  6. In the UpMenu system, in the "Orders" tab, in the order details, the information "Sent to POS date" will appear.


If you would like to deactivate any integration in UpMenu that you have done before, you can do it at any moment. To disable integration go to the “Appstore”, choose the provider of the integration you want to deactivate and move the slider below “Status” to the left. In order to activate it again, move the slider to the right.

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