In UpMenu, you can configure restaurant settings on the portal, both from the level of the portal owner and the individual restaurateur. By specifying the types of cuisines, the portal's customers will easily find the restaurants/cuisine that interest them. You can specify the origin of the dishes served, the type of restaurant, or select the dishes served. To make the restaurant website more attractive, you also have the option of introducing a logo and background that will be displayed on the portal's menu page.

  1. Go to "Restaurant"→"Address and contact".

  2. Expand "Advanced settings".

  3. In "Kitchen type", if you wish you can select from the list and specify the types of food served. Expand the list "Kitchen 1", "Kitchen 2" and/or "Kitchen 3" lists and select restaurant-specific items.

  4. In "Logo and background" click on the image icon "Logo" and upload your own file in png format, with the correct logo. We recommend a logo resolution of 400px x 300px.

  5. Then click on the image icon "Image in background" upload your own photo file to be used as a new background. We recommend photos with a width of: 2000px, horizontally, in the format: jpg.

  6. "Save" changes.

  7. Changes are visible on the portal page.

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