Creating an online food ordering portal is dedicated for UpMenu affiliate partners and resellers, but if you are a restaurant owner with a big network of other restaurants it might be an option for you as well. Learn how to get started with building your portal.

1. Register as a partner

There are two types of partnership programs at UpMenu. You can register as an Affiliate partner or as a Reseller.
Register in the Partner Program

2. Create UpMenu account

You can create a 7-day free trial account. You don’t need a credit card. You can cancel any time if service will not meet your expectations.
Create a free account

3. Select a theme dedicated for portal

Choose a theme which is designed for portal. You can also adjust the layout to fit your brand colors or make it unique.

How to select your theme
How to customize the layout

4. Add restaurants

Once we make it ready you can start adding restaurants to the portal.

Add restaurants

5. Add a background and logo and define the type of cuisine

Add background and logo to the restaurants to be displayed on the portal menu page. Specify the type of cuisine to make it easy for customers to search.

Configuration of the restaurant on the portal

Want to know more?

Get started with UpMenu system

Get started with the Partner Program

Create a multi language portal

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