Google Analytics provides free tools to monitor your company’s website traffic. Integrating your restaurant’s website with this functionality will help you better interpret, among others data on the effectiveness of marketing strategies, products, and content.

Start gathering valuable data

  1. Using your Google account, go to the Google Analytics website, and create an account.
  2. Configure your account, service and reports view to define access to collected data and its availability.
  3. Get a tracking code in a specific format, such as UA-XXXXXX-XX, that will allow you to collect data in your Analytics service.
  4. Go to your account in UpMenu → Settings” → “Appstore”→ “Google Analytics.
  5. Paste the ID code into the Google Analytics field. Your changes will be saved automatically.
  6. Please visit your Google Analytics account every time you want to review all new data.

If your clients have a program enabling the blocking of internet ads in their browser, such as AdBlock, uBlock, etc., then the data will not be fully collected (it will be collected partially or not at all).

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