Facebook Business Manager is a Facebook tool that facilitates the management of marketing activities. Simply put - thanks to it you can have everything in one place (advertising accounts, pages you manage).

So that you can post on Facebook online order promotion and Instagram, you need a setup Business Manager account for this.

  1. Log in or create an account at the following link https://business.facebook.com/settings/

  2. Then add the restaurant's Facebook page to the Business Manager

  3. Go to the Accounts -> Pages tab

  4. Click the Add button and select Add Page

5. In the box, enter the name of your Facebook page or paste the direct link and click Add Page.

6. Link your Instagram account

7. Go to the tab on the left side of Accounts -> Instagram Accounts

8. Click the Add button

9. Select Link Instagram Account.

10. In the new window, log in to Instagram and link your account with the Business Manager

11. In the panel on the left, go to the tab Users -> Partners

12. Click the Add button and select the Grant to partner option access to your resources

13. In the window that appears, enter the UpMenu ID: 868310433228008

14. Click the Next button and proceed to broadcast access

15. Grant access to the restaurant's Facebook page

16. Select the first tab on the left of the Page

17. Select a page, and then transmit in the tab on the right Manage Page permission

18. Then, similarly go to the tab on the left Instagram Accounts page

19. Select the account, and then in the tab on the right, grant the permission

20. Access to the Business Manager account has been granted

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