Learn about integration with Meta Business pixel - a tool that helps measure ad performance based on an analysis of user actions on your site.

  1. After logging in to your restaurant's Meta page, go to the Event Manager.

  2. Then go to "Data Sources", choose a pixel → "Settings". If you don't have a pixel, check out how to create and install a Meta pixel.

  3. Copy the "Pixel ID".

  4. Go to the UpMenu panel, choose "Appstore""Meta Pixel".

  5. Paste the copied code in the "Meta Pixel Code" field and save the changes.

  6. The integration is ready and from now on you can use the statistics of events: adding to cart, purchase and initiation of checkout. This data will be visible on your Facebook account.

Restaurants on the portal cannot have their own integrations with the Meta pixel, because the data is collected for the entire website, not for a specific restaurant.

If your client has a program enabling the blocking of internet ads in his browser, such as AdBlock, uBlock, etc., then any event made on the website (e.g. adding to the cart, placing an order) will not be registered by Meta Pixel Code.

Installing a pixel with Google Tag Manager

If you have the UpMenu account integration with Google Tag Manager, you can also install Meta Pixel using this analytical tool. Thanks to this, you can manage all tracking codes (from the level of the www panel you can track events such as adding to the basket, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.) without slowing down the loading of the page.

Events sent to the facebook pixel

Event Name

Description of the event

Operation on the website


Adding a product to the cart, such as clicking the "Add to Cart" button on the website.

Add to cart


Finalizing a purchase, which is usually accompanied by receiving a confirmation of the order or purchase or a confirmation of the transaction, such as going to a thank you or confirmation page.



Start the payment procedure, e.g. click Go to checkout.

Initiate checkout transition

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