Tags allow you to measure website traffic, monitor online campaigns, and recognize user behavior. They help you make good decisions about your online marketing strategy. Install Google Tag Manager to configure and implement tags, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and third-party tags.

  1. Log to the Tag Manager using your Google account and create an account.

  2. Configure Tag Manager → Copy the container ID code, specified in the format GTM-XXXXXXX, which you can find at the top of the Tag Manager. It is highlighted in blue.

  3. Open the UpMenu system.

  4. Go to “Appstore”.

  5. Open “Google Tag Manager” in the section “Analytics and conversion tracking”.

  6. Paste the copied ID code into the Google Tag Manager ID field.

  7. Your changes will be saved automatically.

List of events for Google Tag Manager

Use the ready-made event list when configuring GTM.

Nazwa eventu

Opis eventu


Starting to write a review


Adding a review


Error while adding a review


Ordering a mobile application


Adding product to the shopping cart


Removing a product from your shopping cart


Reducing the amount of a product in the shopping cart


Increasing the amount of product in the shopping cart


Sending a message using the contact form


Sending a new password


Error while sending password change reminder


Displaying password reminder form


Displaying the login form


Validation error while logging in the login form


The user is logged in


Start new user registration


The user has been registered


Validation error during user registration


Start placing an order


Validation error in the shopping cart while placing an order


Creating a new order into the system


Validation error in shopping cart while placing an order


New order has been created into the system


Delivery address not found


Delivery cost not found


Opening a modal with delivery address


Found address for delivery


No delivery address found


Single purchased product


Single purchased product modifier


Display reservation modal


A table has been reserved

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