In UpMenu, we create an extensive online order handling system, trying to introduce the best quality solutions. Thanks to cooperation with external companies, we enable you to use comprehensive solutions that will help you manage your restaurant in the most optimal way.

Analytical tools

  1. Google Analytics
    See how to install free tools that allow you to analyze your company's data in one place.

  2. Facebook Pixel
    Learn about integration with a tool that helps measure ad performance based on an analysis of user actions on your site.

  3. Google Tag Manager
    See how to install the tag management tool on websites and in mobile applications.

Restaurant management systems

  1. POS Bistro
    Mobile software for gastronomy, enabling the management and operation of restaurants or chains.

  2. Foodsoft
    A system of advanced solutions that ensure effective management of your restaurant.

  3. X2
    A multi-module system that supports all aspects of running a catering business.

  4. IzzyRest
    It enables comprehensive service of all aspects related to the restaurant's operations.

  5. Simple gastronomy
    It's the solution ensuring full control of the premises and quick service for guests (only in Poland).

  6. Generic Rest Api
    If your company has solutions for gastronomy and is interested in integration with UpMenu, you can test this process through generic Rest Api.

Delivery management systems

  1. Stava
    It is a delivery system based on a common fleet of couriers and advanced logistics software (only in Poland).

  2. PAPU.IO.
    Thanks to the complementary set of services, you can start or improve the process of delivering meals to the client (only in Poland).

  3. Let's deliver
    It's a system that offers an effective and convenient way to deliver products to your customers in several cities (only in Poland).

  4. DeliGoo

    A revolutionary on-demand delivery solution that provides an efficient and customized rapid delivery service at every stage. (only in Poland).

Synchronization of various sales channels

    It's a cooperative of local Polish restaurants.

Synchronization of printers

  1. Star CloudPRNT
    See how to configure a Star brand printer in the UpMenu system.

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